General Guide to Hiring

When collecting equipment from;

3 St. Peters Close, Old Windsor, Berkshire, SL4 2PW

The following requirements will apply:

1/ Payment of the hire and consumables in full.

2/ Two forms of I.D. of the person collecting:
One positive I.D. (passport, photo driving licence, photo I.D).
Combined with confirmation of their present address);
Bank statement, Utility, Phone. (dated within the last 3 months).

3/ A holding deposit of between £50.00 to £200.00 depending on the value of the equipment hired, either by cash or a cheque (with the guarantee card signed in front of us by the person it belongs to), on collection.
(This may be non-returnable in full if the equipment is returned after the agreed return date and time, in an unacceptable dirty condition or loss of the equipment).

Where the equipment’s used value exceeds £1000.00

 I.e. ice cream machine, slush machine, chocolate fountain, batak, casino wheel.
These above items require the maximum holding deposit of £200.00 per item.
We may also require to hold, (as in the terms and conditions):  

The I.D. of the person collecting;
Either; Valid photo licence or valid passport.

The I.D. is held, until the equipment is returned in same condition as it was hired. Should any loss or damage of the equipment occur; the I.D. is retained until rectification or reinstatement of the equipment is complete and payment has been received in full (after bank clearing period if using this method).


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