Hot Dog Cart Information - Sterling Hire

Monday - Friday 10.00-17.30
Saturday             10.00-12.00
Sunday;      By Appointment
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HOT DOG CART Information.

One-Day hire Hot Dog Cart: £150.00

Hot Dog Cart Dimensions.

Hot Dog Vendor Cart: 1300mm x 650/750/1400mm x 1000/1300/2100mm.

Promotion Areas.

Hot Dog Vendors Cart
Flat top working area: 1000mm x 650mm.
Promotional areas: Top Banner: 1100 / (1250mm /1440mm) x 250/300mm.
Lower (main area): 1010mm x 750mm top of wheel. 900mm to cover wheel.
Side middle: 100mm x 300mm (4 off).
Side Lower: 300mm x 600/800mm. (4 off).
Rear of Shelter (facing customer): 1000 x 200/1800mm.
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