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Details and Consumables

Soft Serve Ice Cream Machine (Mr Whippy)
This machine will make a perfect 3oz ice cream every 20 to 25 seconds.
(Although the manufacture states one every ten seconds!)
When calculating how many ice creams (in a cone) the machine will make in an hour,
please estimate at 150 to 180 maximum.

Weight of ice cream machine 90kg….. Trolley weight: 22kg.
If there are steps to be encountered, we will have to be informed!
The driver is instructed NOT TO lift the machine, should he incur personal injury.

The machine is very difficult to move If the access is over shingle or damp grass:
help will be required to lift the machine and trolley to solid ground.

Power requirement:
240 volts. 1600 watts (initial start-up) @ 8.5amps. Reducing to 1400watts. @ 7amps.

Ice cream machine: 550mm x 400mm x 680mm.
Ice cream machine on trolley: 500mm x 600mm x 1500mm.
Ice cream trolley: 500mm x 600mm x 820mm.

use is best on the top as an ‘A board’, The base area is 400mm x 500mm.
The top part of the machine is 220mm x 110mm.
On the front is a small area (not very visible) of 220mm x 300mm.
The back is 400mm x 550mm.
On the left side of the machine (allowing for ventilation) 300mm  x 500mm.
On the right Side of the machine (allowing for ventilation) 250mm x 500mm.

The trolley frame: front and back is 500mm x 600mm.
Sides are 600mm x 690mm.

When an enclosure /structure is to be made, ventilation is required of 76mm on all sides.
The top most be left without any permanent obstruction, to allow for topping up.

Ice Cream Mix (1 litre of mix makes approximately 10 soft ice creams).  
New Forest Deluxe 1 Litre £2.25.
Comelle or Spring Cool £2.00.
Ok for vegetarians but not vegans,  (do not contain eggs or gelatine, made with skimmed milk powder, Gluten Free).

Cones – wafer (medium) Box of 300: £11.16.
Waffle Cones (sugar) box of 196 (small) / 130 (medium): £30.00 Box 216 £40.00.
Cones (gluten free sugar cones) box of 100: P.O.A.
Waffle Cones (2 scoops) box of 216: P.O.A.
Tall Chocolate topped sugar cones x 168: £57.54.
Fun sprinkles dipped Torino cone x 54: £24.84.
Oysters (filled) box of 36: £15.07.
Plastic tubs (100ml): £9.00 per hundred.
Waxed Tubs (100ml)  £14.40 per 100, (160ml): £18.00 per 100.
Spoons (little plastic). £5.00p per 100, £40.00 per 1000.
Sauces £5.00 each (chocolate, strawberry, butterscotch, raspberry, Sour Cherry, Mango).
Cadburys Flakes or fudge fingers £17.94 for 144.
Sprinkles; Tutti fruitti, roast peanut nibbles, chocolate chips / strands. 100’s + 1000’s, caramel, crushed Oreo. £12.60 each
(1 kg or packet size).
Sprinkles: Ginger biscuits, Oreo, Popping Candy, Toffee Popcorn, Chocolate mint, Shortbread, Maltesers,
Chip chop Cookies, Chopped Fudge, Toppings: Gummi Bears, M&M, Smarties. Priced as purchased.

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