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Supplementary information on Sterling Leisure's services
This is our standard letter to help with your enquiry.
As we are so often asked the following question, it may help you, as well as us!
Should you have any ideas to make the answers to questions clearer on the website? Please do let us know?
Thank you…………………Sterling.


Do you travel / deliver to…….?
Yes. We do provide transportation, but we do need the postcode?
We travel / deliver local, UK and International. The postcode will define the cost of transportation.
Please look at the guide to TRANSPORTATION COSTS
We try to keep the cost to a reasonable and we always encourage collection by the customer.
Consider a local delivery £39.00 and we have to employ a subcontractor;
When a self-employed person or agency person is engaged, the initial cost for any delivery is:
Minimum half day (£120.00) and then every hour thereafter (sometime they are stuck in traffic for hours). +  hire of a van normally about £100.00. + Diesel £6.00 for every 20 miles. + any damage,  parking tickets.
Remember they stay within the law and traffic conditions.

Are the consumables included in the price of the hire?
No. We need to know the amount required to calculate costs.

Is the operative included in the price of the machine hire?
No. The operative is paid on a minimum wage or the total job hours:
(Loading, travelling, working, packing up, travelling back and unloading).
It can cost in excess of £30.00. per hour to employ someone Self-employed or on P.A.Y.E (salary, employers N.I. holidays, sick pay, employers insurance, pension!). Then there is transportation.
Different hours may be charged at different rates:
(09.00hrs – 18.00hrs. after 18.00hrs, after 24.00hrs, after 02.00hrs. Saturday, Sunday).

Do we let the equipment out on hourly rate?
No. Our minimum charge is a day’s hire (22 hours). Regardless of 10 minutes or 22 hours.
The equipment still has to be maintained, cleaned, sterilised. This is a major part of the hire charge.

Would Sterling Leisure suggest entertainment / Games / Services for our event?
Yes and No. It is extremely difficult to make suggestions without knowing:
You budget, theme of your event (if any), ages of guest, likes, dislikes, maybe fitness of guests etc!
There are millions of things to entertain us in the world, so it may take many hours, days, weeks…….to find the best entertainment that suits you / your event!!
Also what we think is good fun, may seem unsuitable or outrageous to you and vice versa.

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