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We have a choice of 6 flavours available (as below);
Each flavour chosen is for a minimum of 120 servings.
Only one flavour can be dispensed form each yogurt machine.
(Discount price given for more than one yogurt machine)

Original Soft Serve Range
Just Vanilla: Soft, light and subtle vanilla with a delicate balanced taste
an ideal frozen yogurt foundation for all types of toppings, smoothies or shakes.
Simply Strawberry: Seductive strawberry to complement a berry topping.
Chocolate: Rich and indulgent chocolate, Made with high quality cocoa powder.
Mango: Fresh and comforting banana flavoured with a sweet fruity after-taste.
Wild Fruits: A rich and juicy blueberry, true flavour burst!
Coffee: A delicate smooth taste for all coffee lovers.
Natual based yogurt and a sugar free


Additional Syrups Flavours that can be blended in to Vanilla or Natual based  yogurt:
Coconut, Passion Fruit, Berrylicious, Peach.
£12.00 per flavour (to blend with 100 servings)


Each 120 millimetres of frozen yogurt with toppings cost on average £1.25
(Includes yogurt, tub and spoon with a selection of fresh fruit and toppings).

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