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Important Information
INSURANCE - Public Liability insurance is NOT provided with a 'Hire Only' service.

DELIVERY/COLLECTION: All prices given on these Web pages for equipment hire, are shown at net cost. There is a minimum transportation charge of £40.00. This covers the first 15 miles (local area not within the M25). Please see Transportation guide for further distances. Placement of equipment is within 30 meters of the delivery vehicle; any distance or setting up requested beyond the delivery point is charged at £40.00 per hour or any part thereof. If the delivery is requested to go beyond the reception/goods-in area, then any accidental damage to property or person is to be covered by the insurance of the service user. If the equipment is hired on a 'Hire Only' basis, then the equipment may be off-loaded at the designated delivery address with safety and/or operation instructions given verbally or in written form.

ACCESS: When the delivery of equipment or services require access to the service user's venue (be it their own property, company premises or hired venue) our company accepts that the entry and exit is on level ground, and there is sufficient height and width for the equipment or service to gain access, unless informed otherwise. When the delivery of equipment or services requires entrance via a ramp, lift or double doors, our company requires that whatever is necessary to ensure successful delivery will be provided by the service user. If there are steps to be encountered, gravel access or there are height restrictions at the delivery / venue address,. Our company requires full knowledge of these restrictions upon booking. Failure to inform us of the above, may result in non-usage of the equipment with the cost of the service fully chargeable.

SET-UP: If the service or hired equipment requires installation, then all electrical and water facilities must be provided for by the service user. If these facilities are not available or cannot be provided, then full written instructions of facilities required to be supplied by Sterling Leisure (Thames Valley) Ltd., must be advised upon booking. Failure to inform Sterling Leisure (Thames Valley) Ltd. of the necessary requirements may result in a inability to install the equipment. The cost of the service and equipment will be fully chargeable at the agreed hire charge.
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