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Slush / Smoothie

Information and Sales

These modern machines will freeze down the mixture in about 45 minutes.
Please note the time to make a cup of slush, as most people think it is continuous!

Twin 12 litre: (24 litres in total).
Produces on average a 200 millilitre (7oz) cup of frozen drink every 30 seconds.
At best (88 cups an hour).

Power requirements:
240 volts. 920kw. 3.8 amps.
Weight of machine:
49.5kg. Trolley if required (approx. 20kg.)
530mm x 460mm x 870mm.
Trolley: 500mm x 600mm x 830mm.

Promotional area:
On the granita machine there is an area in the front;
360 x 200mm.
Best on the trolley frame:
Front and back 500mm x 690mm.
Sides are 600mm x 690mm.
One day hire charge £100.00. 2/3 days hire £190.00.

Slush syrup 5 litres (dilute 6-1) cost £28.00 makes 150 x 7oz cups.
Flavours available at a cost of £28.00 per 5 litres;
(banana, blackcurrant, blue raspberry, bubblegum (pink), cherry, cider apple, cola,
lemon and lime, mango, passion fruit, peach, pineapple, pina colada, Spanish lemon, strawberry).

100% flavours available at a cost of £48.68 per 5 litres
Flavours available
(cherry / apple, tropical fruit, mango, strawberry)

Alcoholic flavours:
Strawberry Daiquiri. Margarita Flavoured. Lime Daiquiri Flavoured. Mojito Flavoured
Guide to adding alcohol is 1 litre per 7 litres of diluted mix.
Hire of Magarita Glass £1.60 each. Gin Glass (plastic disposable) £1.00 each.


Cups (7oz clear plastic), pack of 100, cost £6.00. Dome lids £0.03p each
Cups (7oz paper cup), pack of 100, cost £6.00.
Cups (10oz clear plastic), pack of 100, cost £8.00. Dome lid £0.04p each.
Cups (12oz clear plastic) pack of 1000 cost £43.75
Palm Tree / twist cups (plastic) with lid and straw £65p each. Minimum 100
Spoon / straw, pack of 500 £12.00 or £3.00 per 100.
Straw cardboard Straw Cardboard 12mm  candy striped, pack of 80 £4.00.
Straw cardboard 6mm candy striped, pack of 500 £12.00 or £3.00 per 100.

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