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Catering Urn Description
These urns will boil and automatically re-boil, keeping the liquid
at the required temperature as they are thematically controlled.
Ideal for tea, coffee, soup, mulled wine.
A typical 20 litres urn will hold and serve approximately 100 cups.

Please remember that when the temperature is set above 60 degrees
the liquid inside will become hot enough to cause scolding!
Mulled wine should be served at about 55 to 60 degrees.
Alcohol evaporates at 172°F (78°C).


Ratings for the 6.8 litre (red) urn: 240 volt, 960 watts, 4 amps.
Weight empty 2kg with 6.8 litres of water 8.6KG.
Size Diameter 25cm. x Height 40cm.
Day Hire     Weekend       Week   
£20.00        £30.00        £40.00
Ratings for the 8 litre (green) urn: 230 volt, 1531 watts, 6.75 amps.
Weight empty 2.44kg with 8 litres of water 10.3KG.
Size Diameter 23cm. x Height 48cm.
Day Hire     Weekend       Week   
£20.00        £30.00        £40.00

Ratings for the stainless 20 litre urn: 240 volt, 2000 watts, 8.5 amps.
Weight empty 3kg with 20 litres of water 22.4KG.
Size Diameter 30cm. x Height 53mm.
Day Hire     Weekend       Week   
£25.00        £35.00        £50.00

With Black Velvet Covering
Day Hire     Weekend       Week   
£30.00        £40.00        £55.00
Ratings for the (red) 27 litre urn: 230 volt, 1860 watts, 8.16 amps.
Weight empty 4kg with 20 litres of water 24KG.
Size Diameter 30cm. x Height 40cm.
Day Hire     Weekend       Week   
£30.00        £45.00        £60.00
Lpg Urn
Gas thems: 3.5kw per hour.
Weight empty 7.7kg with 18.5 litres of water  25.6kg.
Dimensions: 40 x 33cm. Diameter.
Gas not included - Charged per kg used
Day Hire     Weekend       Week   
£30.00        £45.00        £60.00

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