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Frozen Yogurt Flavours

Original Soft Serve Range.

Vanilla (Ambient): Soft, light and subtle vanilla with a delicate balanced taste
an ideal frozen yogurt foundation for all types of toppings.

Frozen Soft Serve
Frozen Yogurt has to be defrosted for 48hrs prior to using.
Whatever you order cannot be returned.
Every 1 litres makes approximately 10 x 130 ml. tubs.  
Cost of each yogurt portion + tub (130mm) + spoon works out at about £0.45p.

Frozen Soft Serve Range
Blueberry Burst: A taste sensation – A rich and juicy blueberry, true flavour burst!
Simply Strawberry: Seductive strawberry to complement any berry topping any time of year.
Cheeky Banana: Fresh and comforting banana flavoured with a sweet fruity aftertaste.
Coconut Cooler: A tropical taste sensation, a velvety smooth and exotic coconut delight.
Rhubarb Refresher:  A delicate combination of rhubarb and cream.

The Premium Soft Serve Range
includes more indulgent flavours made with high quality ingredients:
Dulce de Leche: One of our richer flavours, made with real Dulce de Leche,
coloured naturally with caramel to deliver an ultimate indulgence.
Mango Moment: Our superb tasting mango frozen yogurt made with real mango puree and natural mango flavouring.
Chocolate Bliss: Rich and indulgent chocolate, deep love at first taste. Made exclusively with high quality cocoa powder.

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