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Ice Cream Selection

Please note these price are 2019 and the price may increase
after covid 19 restrictions ar lifted.

Soft Scoop Ice Cream Selection (New Forest)

Real dairy flavours available @ £18.50 each 4 litre tub.
(vanilla, coconut, coffee mocha swirl, honeycomb swirl, mint choc chip, oriental ginger).

Real dairy flavours available @ £19.00 each 4 litre tub.
(Clotted cream, vanilla with ground bean pods & seeds, brownie and white chocolate, choc chip cookie dough, chocolate with ripple and choc chips, honey and fig, Jaffa cake, millionaires’ shortcake, peach melba clotted cream, rum and raisin, salted caramel, strawberry with real strawberries, whiskey and orange).

Vanilla diabetic frozen Dairy Dessert, 4 litres, £19.45.  

Continental style flavours made with skimmed milk, available @ £14.10 each 4 litre tub.
(vanilla, strawberry, chocolate, banoffee, bubble-gum, mint choc chip, raspberry ripple, rum and raisin, toffee crunch).

Continental style flavours available @ £16.70 each 4 litre tub.
(lemon curd).

Sorbet (real Fruit) 2 litre tub £10.85 each tub.
(lemon, blood orange, mango, blackcurrant, lime and coconut).

Sorbet (real Fruit) 2 litre tub £13.80 each tub.
(lemon, raspberry).

Other ice cream products available:
Amore di Gelato Ice Cream & Sorbets
5 litre Tubs: Chocolate, Strawberry, Vanilla. @ £29.58
2.5 litre Tubs: Amaretti Amaretto, Apricot, Belgium Praline, Blackcurrant & Cream, Caramel, Coffee & Cream. Grape, Mint Chocolate, Pistachio, Rum & Raisin, Walnut.

Northern Block Ice Cream
Coconut with caramelised roasted Almonds, 5 litres @ £29.58

Speakeasy - Alcohol Infused Ice Creams. 4 Litres @ £34.33
Ramos Gin Ice Cream.
Spiced Rum Ice Cream.
Cherry Brandy Ice Cream.
Limoncello Ice Cream.
Coffee Liqueur Ice Cream.
Amaretto Ice Cream.

Small tubs with spoon. Box size 24. £29.87 (£1.25p each).
Northern Block 100ml.
Black Treacle, Chocolate & Sea Salt, Hazelnut & Tonka Bean, Madagascan Vanilla,  Milk Chocolate with Salted Caramel, Peppermint Chip, Strawberry & Black Pepper. Raspberry & Sorrel Sorbet

New Forest 120ml.
(Vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, toffee crunch swirl, mint choc chip, oriental ginger, coconut and Belgian chocolate, lotus caramelised biscoff, raspberry sorbet, lemon sorbet).

Menorquina (Spanish desserts).

Adult and kids ice cream / ice lolly refreshments.

Individual desert options; tarts and pies, cheese cakes, cakes, freezer to table desserts.
Please ask for details.

Bindi Italian Gelato (4.1 ltr £18.98 + 4.8 ltr £19.85)  
CIOCCOLATO  Rich and Dark with real chocolate flavour.
VANIGLIA Classic vanilla with vanilla pod seeds.
FRAGOLA Fresh fruity taste of ripe strawberries.
CREMA Classic Italian style vanilla, smooth and creamy.
NOCCIOLA Smooth and creamy hazelnut.
PISTACCHIO Distinctive natural flavour of pistachio nuts.
COCCO Soft smooth delicate coconut taste.
AMERENA Creamy gelato laced with cherry pieces. (4.8 ltr)
CAFFE Creamy taste of freshly brewed coffee. (4.8 ltr)
STRACCIATELLA Vanilla gelato with chocolate chips. (4.8 ltr)
YOGURT FRUTTI DI BOSCO Smooth and light with tangy forest fruit pieces. (4.8 ltr)

Sub Zero Cool mint flavour, sharp yet creamy. (4.75 ltr) £28.30

Sorbetto (2.5 ltr £15.60)
MIRTILL – Blueberry
MELA VERDE – Green apple
LIMONE – Lemon MANDRARINO – Tangy citrus
MANGO – Mango
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